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Thoughts on the next generation of Digital Workplace

The definition of Digital Workplace may vary, but mostly aims to explain the virtual environment which comprises of tools to facilitate people at work, to increase employee engagement and to automate everything thoroughly the organization. Digital Workplace is just a different way to differentiate the computerized environment, but it also contains some significant changes on how people work in a daily basis. Having involved in number of digital workplace adoptions since 2008 with Microsoft SharePoint, I’m now realizing the road map of the maturity of such a so-called “computerized environment” or “digitalized workplace”.


Is Hybrid Workflow An Important Trend?

We have heard a lot about hybrid model between SharePoint on-premises and Office 365, along with many benefits and reasons, from making the best use of your investment to on-premises to utilizing workloads running beneath cloud-based infrastructure, while meeting the requirement of data compliance regulatory. The buzzword about SharePoint hybrid today is almost Search to give end users the access to content stored in both SharePoint On-premises and Office 365. You might have heard of connecting on-premises LOB to Microsoft cloud services. But how about workflow which is an inevitable component to a successful digital workplace deployment?  Yes, I mean hybrid workflow.


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