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Building a mixed cloud model for SharePoint – Part 5

Building a mixed cloud model for SharePoint” series is to show you how possible you can deploy SharePoint workload not only by using Azure Compute service but also Platform-as-a-service based such as Azure Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS), Azure SQL Database.

In this article, let’s again have a look the two deployment models for your SharePoint workload on Azure and decision considerations. Make sure you understand that SharePoint workload on Azure is still considered on-premises deployment as we still use Azure Compute to host SharePoint.


Comprehensive checklist for SharePoint 2016 offline setup

If you have ever set up SharePoint farm without Internet, you probably know how challenging it is. Because you don’t have Internet connection, Microsoft SharePoint Products Preparation Tool cannot connect directly to Microsoft Download center to download all prerequisites and help you automatically install and configure each of prerequisite.


Why is SharePoint on Azure IaaS still a good consideration?

SharePoint has been a “virtual” companion of my journey since 2008. I do not know how passionate I’m with SharePoint, but when people negatively state that SharePoint is dead I often raise objection against that statement. If you are working with SharePoint, following updates from Microsoft and the community, you probably know that Microsoft still invest on its collaboration platform. However, the investment budget is allocated towards SharePoint Online to strengthen Microsoft Cloud ecosystem. It does not mean the on-premises version is not Microsoft priority. There are massive number of SharePoint on-premises out there in the market. On-premises deployment still has a room in my opinion. The last version of Microsoft SharePoint for on-premises is SharePoint Server 2016, offering several significant improvements upon customer’s voice and demand Microsoft has received since 2013.


Guideline to hardening your SharePoint 2013 against HPE WebInspect

I’ve written many articles on the topic of security with Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 in which I shared my experience and lesson learnt during my time working with government agencies where my duties were to make sure their SharePoint 2013 farm as secure & stable as possible. Such a duty sounds challenging because SharePoint is a platform containing number of different components that you cannot just break down to implement something. Part of my role out there, I have to make sure if something is flagged, it must be remediated as soon as custom application gets approved to be deployed into production environment.


An unexpected error has occurred when opening User Profile Service Application

The message “An unexpected error has occurred” sounds familiar with SharePoint Admin all the time. However for those of people who have just started with SharePoint, this message looks like a “nightmare”.

This article is requested by a few students of mine asking about how to get started with SharePoint troubleshooting. Coincidentally for the time being, one of them has encountered a problem when opening User Profile service application he just created after setting up a new SharePoint 2013 farm. In this article, I’m going to give some steps to help my students get more understanding of how a practical SharePoint troubleshooting looks like.


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