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3 obstacles in building a learning organization

You may find so many articles over the Internet explaining what learning organization is and how to build it. Different articles would give different views on learning organization. To me, learning organization is simply to build a sharing culture in an organization, where knowledge and experience are continuously acquired and exchanged. I got a few questions privately yesterday regarding some obstacles around building a learning organization after posting my status on LinkedIn as below:


Conversational Bot would let your business go down

Believe me or not, you are perhaps going to get into the era of AI (aka artificial intelligence). It is not a digital transformation you have heard over the Internet. It’s personally an intelligence transformation when your computer *would* understand you, as known as computer vision. One of the computer visions that folks pay pretty much attention to the development is conversational agent. Unless you like to call chatbot. Last weekend I sat down with a friend of mine to muse whether conversational bot gives you a good return on investment or not.


Musing on Digital Transformation Term

Don’t be uncomfortable to have heard about the term “Digital Transformation” in the computer technology world today. You are not alone! But is “Digital Transformation” new to the world? Unfortunately it’s not. It has happened from the beginning of the Internet. Instead of your conversation is just via phone call, you can chat with each other via web browser. In stead of reading physical paper, you can now read a document in your computer. Does that sound new to you?


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