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“Waiting for parse to complete” in Visual Studio 2013

One of my brilliant developers ran into an issue in Visual Studio 2013 when he opened a recent SharePoint project yesterday. There were several XML files in our InfoPath project opening so Visual Studio had to parse all of them. It showed “Waiting for parse to complete” along with a windows displaying that Visual Studio was loading solutions. After 15 minutes waiting for the process, we still couldn’t open the project to continue working. We then restarted Visual Studio and even virtual machine but this way didn’t work. There were a few threads in which people recommended installing Visual Studio 2013 Update 1 to avoid the issue. However, nothing happened after the update. We felt like we were sitting in the fire because the deadline was going to hit us.

We thought that we would have to figure out any XML editor add-ons against Visual Studio to speed up reading XML files. We couldn’t find any helpful tools though. We even found some tips to configure in Visual Studio to optimize its performance:

  • Open Visual Studio Options, under Environment section, clear “Automatically adjust visual experience based on client performance”. Clear two beneath options as well. This is to reduce workload in visual experience that you wouldn’t need. This also saves memory up for another process.
  • Open Visual Studio Options, under XML section, click Miscellaneous and clear Enter outlining mode when files open under Outlining setting.

We had a little hope after making some changes in Visual Studio setting. The issue, however, was still present. We thought that reinstalling Visual Studio would definitively solve it. Sometimes when you can’t fix something, re-installation is the only walkaround ultimately.

There had been an overnight improvement in the situation when we had figured out that if we closed all files somehow Visual Studio wouldn’t read to parse multiple XML files again. Going with that thought, we copied local mapped project to another location then remove mapping in Visual Studio.

In the Folder panel, right click on your project collection, select Advanced > Remove Mapping. Visual Studio will close all opening files before it removes your mapping.

Finally, we got the issue sorted out. It doesn’t look like a charm!

If you are to use this way, make sure you have a copy of local mapped project in another drive and remap into a different folder. If any changes in files locally that haven’t been updated into Visual Studio Online yet, you could copy all backup files after remapping. I’m not sure this way works because Visual Studio would auto generate numeric version progressively in some hidden files. If you remember what you have changed, simply compare backup version with the new one then make changes. You would need to open Visual Studio Online to track changes including some captures of modification date and time.

This is not really a wise walkaround to solve the issue. We just considered it for our specific case. It doesn’t address to solving technical problem. I strongly recommend you to get your great brain carefully considering this way before using it.

There are some helpful threads likely in relation to our issue:

Looking back upon a conference with a few things on Project Server

Sitting inside a heater standing the high temperature that has reached 35 degrees Celsius bring a memory up to me the period when I was in Copenhagen for European SharePoint Conference 2013. It was freaking cold at even less than 0 degree Celsius. I consider myself extremely fortunate to see snowfall at the very first time that actually never happened in my country. I didn’t have enough time to extensively get around Copenhagen so only kept my eyes on the two places that most of travelers wanted to visit: Nyhavn and Christiania.


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I get to know there will be over 800 SharePoint attendees coming to the 3rd Southeast Asia SharePoint Conference (SEASPC) whether those who are working with SharePoint or looking forward to hearing more about SharePoint 2013. That’s greatest number since there were just approximately 500 people at the 2nd SEASPC 2011 in Singapore. I of course will touch down Singapore and attend the 3rd conference on Wednesday and Thursday this week.


Setting up your SharePoint 2013 environment At Work – Part 1

The RTM edition of SharePoint Server 2013 has been recently published on MSDN/TechNet Subscription website. Lots of people are re-building their own SharePoint 2013 environment for different purposes whether testing, developing or evaluating SharePoint 2013 new features. However, as of writing this article, SharePoint 2013-related products people are looking forward to are missing at this moment, such as SharePoint Foundation 2013, SharePoint Designer 13. These products, maybe, will be publicly available for download after the worldwide SharePoint Conference 2012 held at Las Vegas on November 12-15, 2012. By the way, I’m pretty sad and disappointed because I was twice denied to get US visa because simply I was too young, single and actually have no tie to prove that I would come back to Vietnam after the conference. (more…)

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