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SharePoint 2013 Social – Part 4 – Reputation Point is where the love begins

As of  Enterprise 2.0 is coined by Harvard Business School Professor Andrew McAfee, many organizations have been looking for sociable applications to indirectly improve business productivity. Twitter or Facebook or other well-known at that time might fall into their eyes. However, due to publicity, they actually could not fit. How about MOSS 2007 at that time? Well, people were looking at it as a platform which has social features preferably, but not many. Then, Yammer, which is one of the enterprise social networks was launched, attracting numerously organizations over the world with more than 80 percent of the Fortune 500.


SharePoint 2013 Social – Part 1 – Setting up a new My Site Host Site collection.

It seems people nowadays want to chat, discuss in a  strange-looking environment instead of working in a classical one where they just only sit down, write on paper, send emails to colleagues or so on.

The new SharePoint platform recently has just been released, which wakes SharePoint community up after a sleep silently, especially buzzword around the acquisition of Yammer make people think of an integrated strong social computing platform in such a new SharePoint before the release of preview build.


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