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3 obstacles in building a learning organization

You may find so many articles over the Internet explaining what learning organization is and how to build it. Different articles would give different views on learning organization. To me, learning organization is simply to build a sharing culture in an organization, where knowledge and experience are continuously acquired and exchanged. I got a few questions privately yesterday regarding some obstacles around building a learning organization after posting my status on LinkedIn as below:


CollaPoint Quiz – My SharePoint-based Gamification Startup

As gamification is one of the topics I like the most, I started thinking of a simple quiz product that would run on SharePoint platform to help companies to build a productive environment earlier 2014. The idea then ran through my blood and kicked my ass every time I thought about gamification. I then discussed with my perfect team about the idea. All of them totally agreed and were interested in making the idea into reality. It’s been 3 months since we started planning for the new product. I would like to take my time on this post to introduce CollaPoint Quiz – a simple SharePoint-based gamification product that we have been crazy about.

Why CollaPoint Quiz?

According to some researches, a relaxed working environment will lead to productivity. It can benefit to your business by enhancing job satisfaction and reduce stress so you can get the most out of your employees. People are in good spirits are more likely to be productive. Their mental aptitude produces increase oxygen and blood flows to the brain that enables them to think more clearly and creatively.

Many companies are almost convinced by the capabilities of SharePoint platform. Tons of features are beneficial to companies and employees. However, folks have not realized the fact that even their solutions save very much time, users still don’t want to use it. The transition to the new modern technology is a big barrier to making a successful solution. One of the most common questions come up is: “How do we bring people to SharePoint?” A user adoption plan provided by Microsoft wouldn’t help much in real-world scenarios.

The idea was then “Let’s build a very simple solution in SharePoint environment that companies can use against their SharePoint user adoption plan”.

CollaPoint Quiz Features

When your employees open the intranet website, they can see the popup at the right bottom that displays questions randomly. They can answer questions to score. Everything has never been easier to be used from the first glance. The right answer is marked green and wrong one is marked red. From the popup, users can change questions, close the popup and navigate to the leaderboard page.


Adding a question is very easy to those who have rights to manage questions. For those who are familiar with SharePoint list, there is nothing new in the question list. The adding form allows users to select existing categories or add a new one directly.

The leaderboard is where users can see their score and number of different analytics (the number of players, categories, questions…).


For more information about CollaPoint Quiz and its screenshots,  download and read the guide.

CollaPoint Quiz Benefits

Heads huddled together to define the product’s benefits through many workshops and techniques. There are many advantages companies can take from CollaPoint Quiz.

Here is just the list of few of them

  • Improve engagement: by allowing employees to more freely connect to another one, CollaPoint Quiz helps pulling everyone together easily so that they can understand each other.
  • Improve work-in-group quality: It’s especially important for those who work in groups. By understanding strengths of each other, they can complement weaknesses to corporate in reaching the common benefits.
  • Improve company knowledge: employee knowledge will be naturally improved by taking game with a variety of topics such as company history, culture, society, science or so on
  • First step to SharePoint: CollaPoint Quiz helps organizations and companies put their employees at the front door of getting familiar with SharePoint.

The Team behind CollaPoint Quiz

I consider myself very fortunate to have a perfect team. All of us are very young but have enough skills to build the product. The oldest one is just nearly 24 years old. Believe or not? Your choice! We have not only developers who excel at SharePoint, designers who know how to make an easy-to-use interface but also freaky marketing geeks who like to spread the words out. Each person in the team has a particular characteristic that can combine with another one to form a unique team.

As a small startup, we are shouldering investment, effort to blood and tears. We are in the process of working on partnership program with a few prospective companies to help us maintain CollaPoint Quiz and other upcoming products that we are starting. Shoot me an email at thuan@outlook.com if you would like to participate in investment.

What’s next?

CollaPoint Quiz is being finalized. It will come out to be commercial at the beginning of June 2014. We have sent out CollaPoint Quiz to some companies for trial use. If you are interested in experiencing CollaPoint Quiz, please contact me at thuan@outlook.com or info@collapoint.com.

Bookmark my blog to read more upcoming articles on how we use Microsoft Cloud services to manage our product development.

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