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Thuan is a Subject Master Expert in Digital Workplace. With nearly 10 years of experience spanning across industry of Information Technology and Services, Thuan has been involved in number of successful Digital Workplace adoptions for mid-tier and large organizations, including government agencies in which his responsibilities include technical evangelism, pre-sales activities, proof-of-concept mentoring, technical support to architecting the entire solution.

Thuan is excel at designing a solution with high agility, driving the transformation of “Know-How” to technology and speaking in a different language of business to explain to technical people, and developing technology competency. Besides that, he is knowledgeable about developing a technical community by his accumulated leadership skills during his time establishing two small companies offering digital workplace product and solution on top of the Microsoft SharePoint & Office 365.

Thuan is a guest speaker at number of different events and conferences such as European SharePoint Conference, Azure Global Bootcamp, ExpertsLive Asia Pacific, Business 365 Saturday Singapore, Microsoft Malaysia SharePoint Conference, SharePoint Saturday Vietnam and many other technology events in Vietnam. By his contribution to the technology community and Microsoft’s partners and customers, Thuan has been awarded Microsoft Office Services and Servers Most Valuable Professional (MVP) 6 years in a row.

Keen on talking about digital & intelligence transformation, Thuan is now progressively adopting himself new things like Machine Learning, Data Science & Artificial Intelligence to apply to build the next generation of digital workplace.

Thuan spends his spare time reading awesome books and taking nice landscape photo wherever he is. He is regularly on Twitter ( and blogs at

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  1. Dear Mr Thuan,
    I need your advice related to SPFoundation 2010.
    I was able to complete the SP installation on Windows 7. But when the SP configuration completed and I click Finish, page ‘Network Access Message: The website cannot be found’ came out. The error code;

    Error Code 11004: Host not found
    Background: This error indicates that the gateway could not find the IP address of the website you are trying to access, possibly due to lack of information in the DNS server.
    Date: 11/22/2012 6:48:04 PM
    Server: internetserver
    Source: DNS error

    I’d referred to various post (including yours) in technet but still couldn’t solve this. Appreciate your help.

  2. Hi Thuan,
    Hi Thuan,
    Please allow me to introduce myself: My name is Tâm, SQL Server DBA currently working in Washington DC metro area. I write at for Vietnamese folks. I am currently baking an idea to organize an SQL Saturday event in Vietnam for those interested in SQL Server. And that’s how I came across your site and your Sharepoint Saturday events in Vietnam, and I’m glad I found you. Would you share your experience in organizing such events? My main concerns are in funding and how to find speakers and audience. I have a couple of people interested in giving presentation so far, but probably need more than that. How would Microsoft Vietnam take on this?
    I would like to discuss further with you via email, but if you want to keep it here that’s fine with me.


  3. I just wanted to show you new site that I’ve founded. Hopefully it can be a help in the Microsoft enterprise community.

    PartnerPulse has two aims. Firstly to help people quickly and easily find partners anywhere in the world. Secondly giving partners an easy to manage, and cool, web presence.

    Would love to get your thoughts and feedback if you had a bit of time.

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