I will be speaking at Singapore Global Azure Bootcamp 2017

Last year I participated in Singapore Global Azure Bootcamp 2016 as a speaker, talking about planning and deploying SharePoint 2013 on Microsoft Azure. This year should not be a difference from my speaking engagement perspective, as I will also be speaking at the Singapore Global Azure Bootcamp 2017 in Microsoft Singapore. This year is not going to be SharePoint deployment on Microsoft Azure as last time, but the topic is much more interesting I believe so. I will be talking about security principles to designing a secure Azure IaaS  in which I will apply Government Cloud model. I’ve been still supporting my companies in public sector, primarily architecting and contributing to troubleshooting large SharePoint farms.

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Why security related? Of course it’s one of the favorite topics I like to dig into. That sort of security has never reached to the level of scientific security but at least the defense in depth and security architecture that I’ve involved for the last three years planning for application and system to be hosted on highly secure private government cloud. Moreover, security has never stopped being a hot topic in the wave of digital transformation. Moving to Microsoft Azure does not mean you system is protected, even Microsoft has achieved nearly 50 national-level and industrial security compliance. While you can’t touch physical level, the responsibility of security is still shared by both parties: Microsoft and yourself. This session will hopefully give attendees a practical design for a secure system hosted on Microsoft Azure. There shall be the main focus on Azure IaaS but I would like to bring just a little bit Azure PaaS security along. Of course as the topic’s title, I will introduce the model and my lesson learnt from Government Cloud which is the principle to the architecture design and implementation.

The event will be started at 9:00 AM on Saturday, April 22 2017 in Microsoft Singapore. If you are based in Southeast Asia region, especially in Singapore, register your attendance without any fee https://www.meetup.com/mssgug/events/236349222/. More information about sponsor and other great speakers, please visit http://sgazurebootcamp.azurewebsites.net/. Only 14 days left before the one-day Azure conference around the world. You may look for a local Azure Bootcamp 2017 in your country here https://global.azurebootcamp.net/locations/

I hope to see you there!


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