Quick thought on the UX/UI perspective in Azure Resource Management

I’m not an experienced UX/UI designer absolutely but I seem to be addicted to talking about how to make end users life easier on software with UX/UI tips & tricks. I do care about UX/UI for my past start-up products built on top of Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365. In my head, this is my first priority and one of the key successes. If you have been following my blog series regarding SharePoint workflow, you probably know how much of my awareness for the UX/UI which was post Four gotchas of SharePoint workflow deployment – Look and Feel. Microsoft has a good team of design but it does not mean they have to care every angle of its products.

I’m not going to have a detailed comment around Azure UI/UX design, but if there is a wish, I would love to have grouping feature for the view of All resources in Azure. The current view doesn’t give me a good view in grouping into different resource types. The below screen shows you 15 resources in just a sample environment of 4 virtual machines. Imagine if you have a production environment and you really want to have an intuitive picture of all resources grouped by resource type (e.g. virtual machine, storage, virtual network). I have to navigate to specific resource type to  manage my resource. Well, that’s not what I want because I do need to see the link and associates on each resource.

If you order all resources descending (by clicking the small arrow besides Resource Type), you will have a better view but it still depends on the number of resources you have. If you have around 30-40 resources then the order does not give you much sense. In fact the production environment would have more than what mine does.

I know that is just my personal feeling, but at least that is what I wish, per my experience having administered several large environments. Finally I just submitted my wish over here Grouping feature in Azure resource. Just a little hope of having Group By feature which is being shared to help Azure ITPro better manage Azure resources.



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    April 13, 2017 — 12:53 pm

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