Deploying a single SharePoint Server 2016 Farm on Azure IaaS

One of the big advantages of Microsoft Azure I often introduce to folks surrounding me is how quick I can provision an environment for demonstration . As a SharePoint geek, you would love to see how the latest on-premises version looks like. I know you do even folks now seem to head to SharePoint Online doing client-side stuffs.

If you are based in Southeast Asia Pacific region and are keen on Microsoft Azure, come join my session at Experts Live Asia Pacific 2017 in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. I will be talking about planning and deploying SharePoint Server 2016 on Azure.

Go deploy a single farm of SharePoint Server 2016 on Azure IaaS just a few simple steps described here SharePoint Server 2016 dev/test environment in Azure. If you are lazy at provisioning Azure resources via Azure portal, go install Azure PowerShell and type slowly code snippets in the guidance.

Note that creating a SharePoint Server 2016 Trial image is not enough. Microsoft only helps you install pre-requisites before you do the farm configuration. You still need domain controller and SQL Server virtual machines before farm is fully created.

From the guidance, make sure your account (sp_farm_db) has enough permissions on each SharePoint virtual machine and SQL Server role (dbcreator and securityadmin).

Another minor note per my experience is that the Connect button on my SharePoint virtual machine is grayed out. It’s because during the configuration, my DNS was not successfully created due to wrong naming convention. This caused my SharePoint virtual machine not be able to have a public IP address assigned. Go to network interface setting to check whether your NIC has already had Public IP address which is used to RDP.

The guidance uses Windows Standard_D3_v2 for SharePoint and SQL Server virtual machine, and D1_v2 for AD domain controller. The D3 size would squeeze out your money pocket (0.61 USD/hour calculated from Azure Pricing page)

 You can execute full PowerShell script from here but I would recommend you to do the deployment step by step.

This script works well with the successful creation of 17 resources. You can add more VM and take a look at MinRole feature in SharePoint 2016 by just reusing the script for SharePoint virtual machine creation. Remember to modify network and IP address parameter.

Well, this is just a single farm of 3 virtual machines. Imagine if you need to manage a large farm of 17 virtual machines for high availability, how many resources would you assume?



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