I’m speaking at Experts Live Asia Pacific 2017

I’m humbly excited to be chosen a speaker at the Largest System Management and Cloud conference in Asia Pacific named ExpertsLive Asia Pacific. This conference previously is known as System Center Universe (SCU). SCU has been transformed to be Experts Live which is a first-class community conference where experts from different countries come to share real-world experiences with live demos from level 300 – 400 (advanced and expert).

Here Microsoft defines 4 levels: Microsoft Standard Definition

What I will be sharing is the topic about planning and deploying SharePoint Server 2016 on Microsoft Azure. Last year I gave the same topic at the Global Azure Bootcamp 2016 in Singapore which relieved a lot of good feedback from attendees. Now I’m going to hope to the same result at this conference.

Planning for a SharePoint farm is one of the most challenging parts in the entire deployment since you have to care network infrastructure, hardware resources to the farm architecture. With Microsoft Azure, planning and deploying SharePoint should not be a big challenge, but what would you still care about the cloud deployment for your SharePoint? This session will give what you should be aware when planning and deploying the latest SharePoint version – SharePoint Server 2016 on Microsoft Azure, and a few things Microsoft never told you in particular.

If you are interested in this conference, go get more information about Travel Info, Agenda, and awesome speaker. More information please find at http://expertslive.asia/

Hope to see you at the conference and have a fun discussion.


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