SharePoint 2016 allows you to specify your desired server role when installed

While folks are enjoying the biggest Microsoft conference – Ignite with many news about new products and features coming out, I’m only keeping my eyes on the SharePoint 2016 and Office 365. Published by Dan Holme today the screenshot of SharePoint 2016 installation, I’ve been fairly surprised as to how it offers you the role you desire when installing SharePoint.

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The role is actually based on services running. For example, if you select Web Front End option, the must-start service is SharePoint Foundation Web Application service. There may be some other services running and configuration after you complete the installation but Microsoft hasn’t still told you the rule yet. The session What’s new for IT Professionals in SharePoint 2016 presented by Bill Baer on Wednesday will surely count it in.

[Update 06/05/2015] From Bill Baer’s session, below is the description of each server role:

  • Web Front End: Services end user requests. Servers assigned to this role are optimized for low latency.
  • Application: Services back-end jobs or the requests triggered by backed jobs. Servers assigned to this role are optimized for high throughput.
  • Specialized Load: Reserved for services that needed to be isolated from other services. 3rd party application.
  • Distributed Cache: Serves distributed cache for the farm. Servers assigned to this role can load balance end user requests among the web front ends.

There is still no information about the one that runs Distributed Cache service in SharePoint 2016. Note that Microsoft AppFabric 1.1 for Windows Server will end its support by 4/2/2016.

You may need to read Determine your Web Front-End machine article.

The mysterious story around “3-tier architecture” would end after the release of the SharePoint 2016 platform. There also may not be something called traditional or streamlined topology. It’s all about what you need to meet the requirement. The world has been changed, and the concept needs changing too.


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