AppBattle – The very first SharePoint Hackathon in Vietnam

Hackathon is not a new word in information technology. It’s an event in which computer geeks put their hands on keyboard to compete each other on a specific topic. There are too many hackathon events for a variety of programming language. It, however, has never really happened in the SharePoint area. Well, AppBattle would be the very first one historically in the era.

The idea came out from Khoa – CEO of NIFTIT ( with me one time discussing about the new SharePoint app model. To be honest, I did ask a few geeks in SharePoint Saturday Vietnam board to see whether anyone got excited to organize a SharePoint hackathon. My idea then seemed to have fallen into oblivion. Khoa then unblocked the buried idea and is going to make it happen.

AppBattle is a SharePoint hackathon where people can come to learn about latest Microsoft SharePoint platform. They will then participate in building cool SharePoint app just for fun as they love SharePoint. AppBattle pulls out some of greatest SharePoint speakers in Vietnam such as Mr. Nhut (SharePoint MVP), Mr. Binh Appvity. AppBattle is also going to bring Becky Isserman – one of the internationally trusted experts. Khoa and his colleagues will also deliver presentations in the field as well. Below is the list of topics:

  • Introduction to Bootstrap – Darren Barklie, NIFTIT
  • The landscape of Office 365 – Terrence Nguyen, HarveyNash
  • SharePoint 2013 App Model (Virtual Session) – Becky Isserman, BlueMetal Architect
  • User Experience Design – Minh Do, Interactive Vietnam
  • How to have a quick development on SharePoint App – Binh Nguyen, Appvity
  • Basic REST API Call and Deferred Objects – Khoa Quach, NIFTIT

If you are a geek, or even just those who are curious about SharePoint and Office 365, AppBattle is all for you. Come join us on Saturday 12 July 2014 starting from 8:00 AM.

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