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When looking at a variety of tools for our product development management, we feel like we are sour and scornful women walking around modern fashion stores in a big shopping centre. It’s very hard to make a decision on what you would like to buy with small budget in the situation all of things do attract you. These include Jira, Kanban, Trello, Visual Studio Online, Basecamp or so on. Each has its own pros and cons and gives us headaches. In the past the team used Trello and Jira for almost projects. We had no experience on Visual Studio Online until we were introduced by a friend of mine working at Microsoft.  After digging into it, we finally have made decision on the tool we will use for CollaPoint product management. 

Visual Studio Online, formerly Team Foundation Service, is an online service providing features for software project management. It offers a hosted development platform and code repository for developer and doesn’t require an on-premises sever to support development.

If you are an expert in software development, you probably know about some world-class processes such as Agile, CMMI. These templates including Microsoft Visual Studio Scrum 2013.2 are supported when you start creating a project. Microsoft also put its own framework named Microsoft Solution Framework.


Moreover, Visual Studio Online supports not only Team Foundation Version Control developed by Microsoft but also Git that is one of the most common used tools.

If you come to Visual Studio Online at the first time, there are several terms you may have to learn, e.g. backlog item, sprint…etc. This is not a big deal! You will adapt these Scrum stuffs rapidly. Backlogs are displayed in a list format. They can be displayed in a board that allows you to drag and drop pieces to another status. This makes easier for you to control tasks assigned to your developers.


Microsoft comes up with a reasonable pricing for Visual Studio Online. Read it here: 

There are so many things the team is going to share with you on Visual Studio online when developing CollaPoint Quiz product. We just have you look around Visual Studio Online in a short introduction in this article. We will go back to write some articles on how we utilize from Visual Studio Online in the near future.


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