Publish SharePoint site in Azure IaaS to the Internet

As part of testing process, you may need to publish your SharePoint site whose application server is hosted in Microsoft Azure to the Internet. This is to allow your tester or end-user to access to do pilot testing. This post is going to cover quick steps to complete the publishing in Azure classic portal.

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Step1: Create an HTTP endpoint

Your virtual machines in Microsoft Azure by default only communicate each other using a private network channel in the same cloud service. You cannot have it be accessible from the Internet without setting an HTTP or HTTPs endpoint for them. Microsoft Azure creates Remote Desktop endpoint that you need to remotely connect to your virtual machine. PowerShell is also created upon your demand during your setup.

To view default endpoints associated to your virtual machine in Microsoft Azure, click ENDPOINTS.

To create a new endpoint, click Add in the bottom bar. Select Add a stand-alone endpoint in case you have not set up a Load-Balanced Set in your Microsoft Azure infrastructure. In the next windows, set up the following parameters:

  • Name: HTTP
  • Protocol: TCP
  • Public Port: 80
  • Private Port: 80 (optional)

Both check-box settings are optional. If you do not intend to build high availability, skip them. Wait for Microsoft Azure a few minutes.

Make sure HTTP endpoint is available in the endpoint list.

Step 2: Configure AAM for SharePoint site

Now you need to configure AAM (Alternative Access Mapping) for SharePoint site. You need to add public virtual IP (VIP) address to the Internet zone in AAM setting. Find the VIP address at the left panel.

If you do not add VIP address to internet or extranet zone, you may encounter 401 Authorization error. After AAM configuration, check your SharePoint site from the Internet.

You couldn’t create multiple HTTP endpoint without configuring host header for each SharePoint site that needs publishing.

Additional references:

[Updated 24/04/2014] Microsoft Azure changes public virtual IP address every time you turn on your virtual machine. Make sure you check the new address then assign it to SharePoint AAM again.

[Update 27/04/2014] You can set static IP for your SharePoint server in Azure:


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