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[Week 6] Top 10 SharePoint 2013 articles you should read

The first thing I would like to say to all of you is that wishing you have a great new year of 2013 with full of great achievements and experiences. A full of great, prosperous, blissful, healthy, delightful, mind blowing, energetic, terrific and extremely year and don’t forget loving SharePoint.

It’s been a long time since I posted the week-5 series on my blog due to many activities and projects I’ve been working. I get asked by folks about the next series of top 10 SharePoint 2013 articles so now I would spend a little time reading and collecting SharePoint 2013 articles people would be keen on reading. If you haven’t read other series, here you go:

Introduction to User License Enforcement in SharePoint Server 2013

SharePoint 2013 provides a feature called User License Enforcement that enables SharePoint administrator to managed CAL even on Active Directory security group. Bill Baer, in his article, starts by stating that you can map Enterprise features to individual users who have been assigned Enterprise CAL in Active Directory security group. He also introduces to eight command-let an administrator can use to manage User License Enforcement.

Three Hurdles SharePoint 2013 Faces this Year

Have you ever thought about hurdles Microsoft would make on SharePoint 2013? Chris Wright from Scribble Agency  – a technology copywriting agency – points out three big hurdles: Yammer integration, The move to the cloud and the new interface. I’m sort of agreeing with some guys commenting that moving to the cloud is not a hurdles. In my opinion, one of the hurdles would be the move to app and organizations can use apps stored in SharePoint Market App store. Follow him @scribbleagency

Making the most of SharePoint 2013 when you upgrade

There are many topics covering SharePoint 2013 upgrade as many organizations are considering whether methods they will use. The interface of SharePoint 2013 has been changed pretty much so you may be wondering how your beautiful face of SharePoint 2010 can be changed compatible with architectural changes of master page in SharePoint 2013.  Bojana Duke – a Program Manager at Microsoft SharePoint team – writes a great article that guides what you should do before and after SharePoint 2013 upgrade.

Upgrading a custom application to SharePoint 2013

SharePoint is a business collaboration platform that enables you to customize it to meet business’s needs. Let’s say you have many custom applications on SharePoint 2010 platform and now to get most our of benefits you are gonna move it to SharePoint 2013 platform. How do you do ? Just need to read a short guidance on how to upgrade a custom application to SharePoint 2013, written by Mark Jone – the founder of Collaboris, and also the founder of SharePoint group in LinkedIn. Follow him @MarkQJones

How to: Set up People Search in SharePoint 2013

Search and User Profile improvement in SharePoint 2013 helps you easily and quickly to build a people search functionality that is part of a perfect socinal networking solution in your organization. You may not get headache in User Profile , for example. Utilizing the new method of import call SharePoint Active Directory Import, you now don’t have to be dependent on User Profile synchronization service.  SharePoint MVP Corey Roth writes  a great article that walks you through steps of making People Search functionality done. Follow him @coreyroth

December 2012 Hotfix for SharePoint 2013 breaks MySite Creation

Applying patches in SharePoint to get rid of issues is one of the most important tasks every SharePoint administrator must does. However, this is never easy in case your SharePoint farm has many customized applications or configuration in which. In the life of administration job, you may encounter SharePoint issues when applying wrongly patches even a recommended one from Microsoft. SharePoint MVP Todd O. Klindt has experienced an issue when he applies December 2012 Hotfix on his SharePoint 2013 farm. By the way, Joel Oleson – a god of SharePoint ITPros also has the same concern on his blog (How Baked is it? SharePoint 2013 Hotfix Regression and Other Thoughts). My recommendation is to make sure you have backup or test before applying patches. Reading thoughts from SharePoint experts is worth as well. Follow him @ToddKlindt

SharePoint 2013 Version Comparison Chart

Even SharePoint 2013 has only one licenses of SharePoint Server 2013 but the CAL is still kept as it was in SharePoint 2010. Before getting started with SharePoint 2013 deployment in your organization, you should have to look at a comparison of SharePoint 2013 versions. SharePoint MVP Dave Coleman – who runs SharePoint Edutech that is a big community located in UK, shares a SharePoint 2013 version comparison chart. You can find a downloadable PDF version here. Follow him @davecoleman146

Big Changes in SharePoint 2013 Licensing for Portal Clients

A great post with an example of cost estimation when moving from SharePoint 2010 to the newer version – SharePoint 2013, written by Joe Cromer working as Director of Enterprise Collaboration at DEG. Every SharePoint consultant or business executives who involve in SharePoint has to read this post. Follow him @joecromer

10 Key Things You Need to Know About SharePoint 2013 Community Sites

As you know I have written a series of exploring SharePoint 2013 social features. One of those articles explored Community site feature that provides you a wonderful template for building something like forum as I would call. But the article is just an introduction that has some advices to build a community on SharePoint effectively. Susan Hanley – a well-known SharePoint consultant specializing in getting the most out of benefit from SharePoint for business – “exposes” 10 key things you need to know about SharePoint 2013 community site. Can’t wait to read this article, huh? Follow her @susanhanley

Sharing a Workflow Manager 1.0 farm between multiple SharePoint 2013 farms

Workflow is no longer integrated in the new edition of SharePoint. Microsoft has significantly invested to a new modern of workflow that runs Azure service in order to provide some capabilities. With the flexibility of Workflow Manager, you now can run it on a separated server. SharePoint MVP Wictor Wilen helps SharePoint ITPros in sharing a workflow manager farm between multiple SharePoint farms via his article. Follow him @wictor

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