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[Week 5] Top 10 SharePoint 2013 articles you should read

I’ve been busy these days so the scheduled plan for the week-5 is not as soon as expected. I’m pretty sure you are too. How has your study of SharePoint 2013 has been since the RTM edition was released? I’ve not sit down in front of my *lovely* computer where a beautiful SharePoint 2013 environment is installed for 7 days due to stresses. Now I would need to concentrate on my SharePoint work, and dig into some of the awesome features in Windows Server 2012, such as Dynamic Access Control, File Infrastructure Classification.

Well, we have experienced totally 40 SharePoint 2013 articles through my series. This article is a collection of top 10 SharePoint 2013 you should read in the 5th week.

Case Study: Mavention and Web Content Management in SharePoint 2013
Many of you probably know that Mavention is the earliest organization that used SharePoint 2013 for publishing website after shortly the beta version of SharePoint 2013 was  released. Would you like to know how Mavention utilize Web Content Management features in SharePoint 2013 to built their website? The study case has been already published on TechNet. Follow company @mavention

A SharePoint 2013 Bing Maps App – Part 1
Bjoern H Rapp – one of the SharePoint vikings living and working in Norway shares his series on how to build a SharePoint 2013 Bing Maps App. This app would definitively help sales employees locate where they need to come to deliver or present their products.  Follow him @bjoern_rapp

75 SharePoint 2013 Interview Questions – Developer
SharePoint 2013 has become increasingly an important platform. It provides many different features that boost organizations more productive in their businesses. There may have been more 700,000 developers who are working with SharePoint platform. The need of SharePoint developer becomes more important in organizations that strongly utilize SharePoint as their core business application. This opens a lot of job opportunities for developers. Adam Buenz (SharePoint MVP) wants to share 75 interview questions he had to use for a contract position.

SharePoint 2013: Make the Most of Your Upgrade
There are a few changes in a way of upgrading to SharePoint 2013 from the previous versions. That said, one of the changes is that the In-Place upgrade option is not supported. You only have the remaining option: Database Attach Upgrade, that, in SharePoint 2013, offers several improvements very helpful for quickly upgrading. Brian Alderman from Mindsharp shares some perspectives of SharePoint 2013 upgrade, spreading concisely from method, new improvement, hardware requirement to building governance plan. Follow him @brianlderman

SharePoint 2013 Licensing Simplified
There are some controversial discussions about the new licensing model of SharePoint 2013 in which may make many of you confused after the SPC12 Conference. Sahil Malik (SharePoint MVP) shares his understanding of SharePoint 2013 licensing model as he emphatically says. Before investing for SharePoint 2013, make sure you and Microsoft representative talk together. Follow him @sahilmalik

How to create a SharePoint Designer 2013 Workflow with App Step (extension from the example workflow used for SPC 2012)
Workflow is one of the most powerful features Microsoft has ever made in SharePoint 2013 with many most significant improvements. SharePoint 2013 workflow provides a flexible platform for  whether on-premises or cloud environment. There are at least two tools you can use to develop workflow: Visual Studio and SharePoint Designer 2013. SharePoint Designer 2013 provides many out-of-the-box features that help facilitate customizing workflow. JongHwa Lim currently working as a Program Manager at SharePoint Designer team writes an article that walks you through 4 basic steps to create workflow by using App Step. This tutorial was demoed at the SPC12.

SharePoint 2013 Search – Continuous Crawling

Octavie – SharePoint consultant at Mavention introduces to the new feature in SharePoint 2013 search called Continuous Crawling in his article. According to him, with Continuous Crawling, you don’t have to schedule crawler as you did in SharePoint 2010. Follow him @eivatco

SharePoint 2013: What Should You Do? Where Are You Currently? What is the Truth? Help! No B.S. Please
There are a lot of questions came up when organizations look into SharePoint 2013 regardless of the version of SharePoint they are using. Have you ever had a list of the important questions before whether upgrading to SharePoint 2013 or installing from the scratch? Founder & CEO at EPC Group Errin O’Connor proposes a set of helpful questions as to what you should do on SharePoint 2013. Follow him @errinoconnor

Drag and drop content within SharePoint 2013
Drag-and-drop feature in SharePoint 2013 bring a huge turning-point ever made in SharePoint product family  to end-user. You can drop and drag documents from your desktop to directly SharePoint document libraries. But have you ever dived into drag-and-drop feature a little more to see the ability to move content across libraries, for example? Well-known SharePoint MVP Michal Pisarek writes a very great article about drag-and-drop feature especially its takeaways in SharePoint 2013. Make sure you don’t miss out any of the points he shares. Follow him @MichalPisarek

Beware! SharePoint 2013 RTM apps bug/gotcha with SPHostUrl parameter
One of the most famous SharePoint guys you could not forget is Chris O’ Brien – also a SharePoint MVP. Having spent time to dive into SharePoint 2013 development, Chris realizes some issues while he is working with SPHostUrl parameter. This article is very incredibly helpful for those who are working on SharePoint 2013 App development. Follow him @ChrisO_Brien

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