[Week 4] Top 10 SharePoint 2013 articles you should read

The worldwide SharePoint Conference 2012 just completed with much memorable echo and new things came up. It did bring to over 10,000 attendees the real epic party in history. People from all six continents are coming back to their own countries to continue working at the desk. As far as I know, there has been no announcement regarding the next worldwide SharePoint conference 2012.

There are tons of SPC12 pictures published across social networking. Facebook is where you can start collecting. I’ve collected some great sources for you:

In the SPC12’s keynote session, you got introduced many new things, from Office 365 productivity, the trends of SharePoint Online as well as the new model of SharePoint 2013 App that might be potentially a goose that laid the golden eggs for Microsoft. The keynote session is published in YouTube for those who weren’t be at SPC12.

During the conference, the RTM edition of SharePoint 2013 was publicly available for evaluation. In other words, you don’t need to have MSDN/TechNet Subscription account to get it. Let’s get started with SharePoint 2013 right now. Don’t waste your time !

Well, I’ve finally selected top 10 SharePoint 2013 articles you should read in this week. Other top-10 series are published here.

Introduction to Shredded Storage in SharePoint 2013
In SharePoint 2010, when a user reads a document stored in a SharePoint document library, the web front-end server will send a request to database server. SQL Server will read fully the document and then get back to the web front-end server and the document will be sent to the user after then. If the user makes changes on the document, the requests will be repeatedly sent. This causes performance issues as well as fast-growing database. To address such issues of reading/requesting document stored in SQL Server, technically speaking, SharePoint 2013 offers a new feature called Shredded Storage, that is built on Cobalt protocol (What’s it? Bill Baer, in his article, will introduce to Shredded Storage and then explain in more details how it works. Follow him @williambaer

SharePoint 2013 Starter Master Pages – Beta Release
For those who have focused on making SharePoint website more beautiful and interactive, Randy Drisgill (SharePoint MVP) is not a new name. Randy is the co-author of the well-known SharePoint branding book “Professional SharePoint 2010 Branding and User Interface Design”. As you know, the Starter master page is indispensable to facilitating your branding work. Have you waited for the new Starter master page since the SharePoint 2013 was to make itself easier to design user interface? Randy provided to the community the Starter master page for SharePoint 2013 and announced in his blog. Follow him @drisgill

SharePoint 2013 to “Supercharge” Enterprise Social
“Our goal was very simple – to build the largest-scale enterprise cloud service in the industry, to be able to take the billion Office users and be able to run the full back-end services in the cloud with Office 365” said Microsoft Corporate Vice President Jeff Teper at the SPC12’s keynote session. This points out that SharePoint 2013 will be seen as a scalable enterprise social platform on the cloud. Jeffrey Schwartz currently working at Redmon Magazine publisher – the independent voice of the Microsoft IT community – wraps up what are integrated in SharePoint 2013, how scalable SharePoint for enterprise social networking is. Finally, he introduces to SkyDrive Pro that replaces SharePoint Workspace. Follow him @JeffreySchwartz

Introduction to eDiscovery in SharePoint, Exchange and Lync 2013
These days, the need of securing leakage of business critical data is one of the major challenges for businesses. Data compliance needs to run to meet regulatory standards, such as HIPPA, SOX, PCI.  A lot of questions have been came up regarding how SharePoint can provide its features against any of these standard’s requirement. Microsoft, in SharePoint 2010, introduced to eDiscovery that helps securely store legal documents in holds (as Microsoft called).  What is changed in eDiscovery in SharePoint 2013, and newly added ? Read the article written by Quentin Christensen – Program Manager, Microsoft Enterprise Content Management team.

Top Ten Productivity Reasons to Move to Microsoft SharePoint 2013
When considering migrating to SharePoint 2013, every business user/executive needs to know how much productivity it can bring to their organizations. Jeremy Thake (SharePoint MVP) tells you top 10 productivity reasons to move to SharePoint 2013. You will find many awesome features, such as the drag-and-drop functionality that never happened before, or the ability to target people you want to mention by using the symbol @ like Facebook or Twitter. Follow him @jthake

Adding your own links to SharePoint 2013 suite bar
Yaroslab Pentasarskky (SharePoint MVP) shares his tip on how to add links to SharePoint 2013 suite bar. This tip should be in the list of useful SharePoint 2013 branding articles. Follow him @spentsarsky

Overview of SharePoint 2013 Development Features
One of the tentative trends on SharePoint 2013 in the near future as of it is released is developing app to provide to whether internally organization or app market. Most of the things SharePoint developers are looking for are new development features they will be working on SharePoint 2013. Ricardo Wilkins shares summary of new features of SharePoint 2013 development on his slide deck. Follow him @spcowbell

Summary of: ‘Planning for the Lifecycle of your SharePoint 2013 website”
After the worldwide SharePoint Conference 2012 (SPC12), there have been a lot of articles that wrap up what the speakers talked about.  As an attendee at the SPC12, Frederik Leksell joined to the session “Planning for the Lifecycle of your SharePoint 2013 website” presented by Geoffrey Edge and would like to wrap up some key points to delivering a successful website built on top of SharePoint 2013. Follow him @letstalkgov

Sign in as Different User and SharePoint 2013
As you know, the very helpful option”Sign in as a Different User” is missing in SharePoint 2013 so that it’s pretty hard for you to work with multiple users on a test environment. Now you would like to have the option work on SharePoint 2013 ? You just need to read the great tip written by Nick Granttan. Follow him @NickGrattan

Customize the SharePoint 2013 Search experience with a Content Enrichment web service
Search features in SharePoint 2013 have been significantly improved. It allows SharePoint developers flexibly to customize to achieve business objectives. Katherine Hammervold from Microsoft SharePoint Development team introduces to a new way to customize search experience in SharePoint 2013 with the content enrichment web service.

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