Less than a week left before the worldwide SharePoint Conference 2012. There will be many activities over there you should enjoy. Follow Joel’s activity planner of SPC12 up to be sure you will not miss any of the activities during the conference. I wish all of you have the fabulous SharePoint party ever !

SharePoint 2013 bits seem to be completely published for download, just remaining only the RTM edition of SharePoint Server 2013 currently is not publicly available.

I have finally selected top 10 SharePoint 2013 articles you should read in this week.

SharePoint 2013: Intranets with a Side of Social

Building an intranet often comes to your mind when it comes to SharePoint. Over the last five years, SharePoint has become the selected platform for creating intranet collaboration environment, where all information are centrally located. Web Content Management features that are vital part of your intranet environment have been significantly improved. SharePoint MVP Jennifer Mason makes some considerable points around WCM features. She, finally, emphasizes that all features should be combined together in order to make your intranet environment more informative and interactive to end-users. Follow her @jennifermason

Request Management in SharePoint Server 2013 Preview – Part 2 – Example Scenario and Configuration step by step

Week 1” series introduced to part one of the Request Management in SharePoint Server 2013 series well written by Harbar. Request Management feature provides various options for controlling requests coming to web servers involved in a SharePoint farm. Harbar ended up part one with the very important note that Request Management didn’t replace load balancer because in real-world scenario, load balancers should help more than Request Management does. In the second part covers an example of implementing Request Management features in an enterprise-class farm that consists of three SharePoint servers. He then shows you how incoming requests of PDF and OneNote client application are automatically routed to configured machine pool. Follow him @harbars

Introducing SharePoint 2013 Search Result Types and Display Templates

Kate Dramstad currently working as a Program Manager at the Microsoft SharePoint Search team introduces to the great search experience SharePoint 2013 ever made. The interesting formula Kate makes is: Result Types + Display Templates = Rich Search Experiences. That’s all what she wants to tell you in her article. Shouldn’t you be curious?

Top Business Benefits and Reasons for SharePoint 2013

Richard, one of the visionaries I have ever seen in the SharePoint community explains why people are planning on upgrading to SharePoint 2013 by introducing to some key improvements. For example, with SharePoint 2013 now, there is a very cool feature that provides the ability for end-users to do drop-n-drag in document libraries. Another notable improvement is Social that has become more important for very business these days. Follow him @RHarbridge

Configuring SharePoint 2013 Navigation to Span Site Collections

Without development efforts, you could not make a flexibility in navigation structure to span multiple site collections. That could be a pain of those of you who don’t have much experience on SharePoint customization. Could SharePoint 2013 cross the pain out? Christopher Woodill currently working as the Vice President at Navantis, in his article, introduces to managed navigation features in SharePoint 2013. Next, Christopher walks you through several steps to publish navigation to other site collections by utilizing Global Navigation functionality. Follow him @SharePointPlan

The Executive’s Guide to SharePoint 2013: Understanding Communities

A bit technically speaking, a pair of Community features (both Community Sites and Community Portal) enable people in an organization to contribute information, create a new discussion or ask someone. This explanation might be frustrating business executives because they always look into how valuable they gain from the Community features SharePoint 2013 provides. Symon Garfield who wrote the invaluable series “Art of SharePoint Success” continues giving to the SharePoint community a great gift – The executive’s guide to SharePoint 2013. The first article of his series helps people get understanding of what Communities really mean and secret of understanding it (“The secret to understanding Communities is to understand different ways that people work together within modern organizations”) It’s not what Microsoft ambiguously explains in TechNet. Follow him @symon_garfield

Why we need a SharePoint 2013 marketplace

Since mobile applications take up technology market, the tendency of providing application to a central place seems to be broaden. There are some remarkable App markets I should be introducing in case you might not know, are Facebook, Apple, Android, Windows Phone ….

Since SharePoint has become an open playing-field for thousands of people over the world, Microsoft wants it to be more sociable so that all of you can sell your own creativity to the market. Why do we need a SharePoint 2013 marketplace? Well, Jeremy Thake (SharePoint MVP) share his thoughts on the concern. Follow him @jthake

Real-world Apps for SharePoint 2013 – Kudos (Part 1)

Most of topics at worldwide SPC 12 are about SharePoint 2013 App. It obviously tells that SharePoint app development will be one of the most focused-areas in SharePoint world. Every developer seems not to know where to get started. Well, Richard from Microsoft Technology Center will drive you to building real-world apps for SharePoint 2013. The video that summarize key points in the article is shared as well.

SharePoint 2013 Preview Newsfeed showing nothing

Newsfeed is one of the new features introduced in SharePoint 2013. Newsfeed show recent activities from people you are following, such as posting a new discussion, liking a status or changing something. Feeds basically rely on Distributed Cache that is capable for retrieving data across profiles. Although Distributed Cache service has been already stared but there is no feed showing. Mark Priem shares the workaround to get rid of the message “We’re still collecting the latest news. You may see more if you try again a little later” displaying in your MySite. Follow him @markpriem

3 things about SharePoint 2013 Preview for Developers

Ulysses Ludwig (Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer) gets interviewed to answer the following questions:

  • What is the biggest misconception or expectation devs might have about SharePoint 2013 Preview?
  • What is the biggest potential issue awaiting them with SharePoint 2013 Preview?
  • What are some interesting or helpful things you see for devs in SharePoint 2013 Preview?

As an experienced developer/architect, he shares his thoughts on these concerns to help beginning SharePoint developers get started with SharePoint 2013 development. Follow him @ujludwig

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