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[Week 1] Top 10 SharePoint 2013 articles you should read

I’m invited to be the guest editor of the SharePoint 2013 Newsletter which is weekly sent to a LinkedIn group that has over 23,000 members.

As fanatical fans of SharePoint, many of you will be heading to the Mandalay Bay Convention Center “stadium” where Microsoft will delight you with many promising spectacular “SharePoint 2013” scores ever made in history. There are only 4 weeks left before people really enjoy an incredibly huge party among SharePoint communities around the world at the worldwide SharePoint Conference 2012. Read more

In this article, I have selected top 10 SharePoint 2013 articles SharePoint folks should read before getting into SharePoint 2013.

Benefit of SharePoint 2013 App Model with An Entrepreneur’s Eye

SharePoint 2013 App is one of the most debatable topics SharePoint folks are talking about. Aanu, in this article, will share her thoughts on how much value SharePoint 2013 App can give to businesses. In additional to this article, SharePoint developers can learn about SharePoint 2013 App development through her series. For those who are looking forward to starting up in providing App on SharePoint 2013, it’s really worth reading. Follow her @aanuwizard

Request Management – Part 1: Feature Capability and Architecture Overview

Request Management, which is a new feature in SharePoint 2013, provides a mechanism to control incoming requests to SharePoint web servers. For example, you can prevent PDF requests from end-users to one of the web-front ends server in your SharePoint farm. In other words, the PDF requests will be automatically routed to another servers. This article provide the comprehensive introduction of Request Management capability and its key components before SharePoint architects/administrators can take its advantages in their enterprise-class SharePoint farms. Follow him @harbars

Shredded Storage in SharePoint 2013

What are differences between Shredded Storage, which is one of the new features in SharePoint 2013, and Remote BLOB Storage (RBS)? How does it helps improve your Document Management system? Get understanding of Shredded Storage by reading Dan Holme’s article published on SharePointProMag website. Follow him @danholme

A Look At The New Options for Managing Users and Their Licensing in SharePoint 2013

One of only five worldwide SharePoint MCAs (Microsoft Certified Architect), Wictor Wilen has written a good article on how to manage users and their licenses you have never seen before. In this post, he introduces new licensing functionality as well as its PowerShell cmdlets that helps SharePoint administrators facilitate licensing management. Follow him @wictor

The Death of SharePoint Designer?

SharePoint folks were thinking that SharePoint Designer 2010 would be a very dangerous two-edged knife when used inside their organizations. There are many questions that cover the need of giving SharePoint Designer 2010 permission to power-users. How about SharePoint 2013? “The Death of SharePoint Designer” article written by Jennifer Mason will make you more curious about *SharePoint Designer 2013*. Follow her @jennifermason

Microsoft’s Mixed Messaging on SharePoint 2013

Microsoft says that we should not do custom development on SharePoint 2013. Do you thinks that’s a good recommendation? Bjorn Furuknap shares his thoughs on this topic. Follow him @furuknap

SharePoint 2013 Social Features – Part 3 – Exploring Community Site

SharePoint MVP Thuan Nguyen introduces one of the new SharePoint 2013 social features called “Community Sites”. He then shares his experience in making a Community in SharePoint 2013 more useful. Follow him @nnthuan

Migrate to SharePoint 2013 – What’s there That’s Worth the Switch?

Benjamin from Share-gate tells you what’s new in SharePoint 2013 that’s worth making the switch. You will get introduced some changes such as Design Manager, Device Channels, Community Sites and Community Portal in his post. Follow him @bniaulin

Overview of Search in SharePoint 2013

SharePoint 2013 shifts to its Search manage changes that never happened before. In this article, Gerhard Schobbe working as Group Program Manager at Microsoft SharePoint team gives you an overview of SharePoint 2013 search architecture and some great features.

Setting up a SharePoint 2013 Development Environment 101

SharePoint 2013 seems to be awaking up its followers. I have seen many people whether system administrator, .NET developer or business user are starting beginning with SharePoint 2013 for a new challenge in their career path. Regardless of that, you first have to prepare your environment before experiencing new capabilities of SharePoint 2013. Bill Baer, in this post, will walk you through basic steps for setting up a SharePoint 2013 development environment in Hyper-V run on Windows 8. Shouldn’t you be excited when getting to know that you don’t have to have Windows Server platform? Follow him @williambaer.

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