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The release of SharePoint 2013 Preview has marked a new momentous turning-point of SharePoint family products Microsoft ever made in history. A mass of phenomenal features in SharePoint 2013 likely get many of you more excited than SharePoint 2010. One of those core features people are exciting to enjoy is a set of new social features which actually make your organization more sociable, expandable from a social networking perspective. I’m not going to introduce to new social features because I have written a series of SharePoint 2013 social features in my blog.

What I’m about to show off is a new world where you would like participate in, and enjoy SharePoint 2013 social features. It’s ShareThePoint – the SharePoint Asia Pacific community which is powered by SharePoint 2013 Preview. I got introduced to ShareThePoint during my vacation last week from Debbie Ireland, who is co-organizer of SharePoint Southeast Asia Conference held at Singapore where I had great time last year.

Would you like to experience SharePoint APAC ? You should have to join to the community first, here you go: Read the instruction carefully before joining. One of the things here necessarily to know is that you should not use Windows LiveID because of some limitations we have experienced on SharePoint 2013 . I used Windows LiveID to sign into SharePoint APAC site; everything was good excepting MySite. It actually couldn’t be automatically created so I couldn’t complete my profile, such as profile picture. In my opinion, Azure Access Control may not work well with SharePoint 2013 Preview currently. Anyway, it is much better to use Facebook and Gmail account.

Once you have completed the registration, you can edit your profile by click About Me in the right corner of SharePoint page. Just follow this post to get everything done before practicing real-world social features on SharePoint 2013:

As you see I have completely edited my profile, tell people who I’m, what I like or something else like my hobbies. In here you can see activities you have done, such as creating a new discussion, liking an article, or following someone in the community.

After that, visit to the Community site. If you are new to Community Site in SharePoint 2013, I’m sure you will definitively get understanding of it after reading this post: And don’t know about how to get point as well as reputation point system, here you go:

There are many things that need introducing right now but I don’t really have enough time to walk you through all. Most of tutorials are posted here:

If you are having any problems, feel free to contact the team at


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