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  4. Tim M. · July 26, 2012

    Hi Thuan, if on my installation, the User Profile Service Application is already present, should I just use that one for these instructions, or create a new one? If creating a new one, should I delete the existing?

    • Thuan Soldier · July 26, 2012

      Hi Tim,

      You don’t have to create a new one. Use the existing one just fine. Make sure User Profile service and User Profile Synchronization service are already started in case you need a full sync. Unless, enjoy ADI!

  5. Eddie · July 26, 2012

    Hi Thuan, great articles. I have a development environment for testing SharePoint 2013. I managed to connect to the office Active Directory and user profiles were imported successfully. Now I am trying to retrieve the users for a SP test site but it keeps show that the users are unavailable. Is there step which I missed out?

  6. Thuan Soldier · July 26, 2012

    Did you try to retrieve users on People Picker? It doesn’t really query to User Profile database. One of the firsthing you should have to check is connection between AD with that test site and make sure there is no problem on that. Another thing is to try to reset IIS. Please feel free to let me know if you need a little more. My email thuan@outlook.com

  7. Wendy · July 26, 2012

    Hi, Thuan,

    The User Profile Synchroniztion Service won’t start in SharePoint 2013. When I waited long enough, it goes from Starting back to Stopped.

    In our 2010 environment, the same AD account is running the Sync Service, so I know the AD permission is correct. Any idea why?


  8. Thuan Soldier · July 26, 2012

    Well, open Services console (Run > services.msc) and check if two Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) services have already started: FIM service & FIM Synchronization service. If not, don’t force them to start. Open CA and check if User Profile service & User Profile Synchronization (UPS) service started, if not, start it. One thing you need to make sure is that the Farm account is the account that also runs UPS service.

    …then try to reset IIS

    • Nicholas · July 26, 2012

      Last resort if this doesn’t work.. Re provision another VM and install SharePoint on it.. I’ve found it generally to be some windows update that is preventing the service to work properly.

      • Thuan (@nnthuan) · July 26, 2012

        Thanks Nicholas for that experience. Can you elaborate this problem you have found over your SharePoint life. I think this will definitively help millions of people around the world.


  9. Abhi · July 26, 2012

    Hi Thuan,
    In my project there are various organizations working independently and for them we have different OU in Active Directory , my question can we have different org chart in mySite based on the user belonging to OU.
    And user can only select user from their OU only not from others.

    • Thuan (@nnthuan) · July 26, 2012

      Organization Chart show the organizational structure entirely in your company. You couldn’t separate different org chart. If you want to filter OU, you can do through STSADM so end-users can’t navigate to the OUs they aren’t belong to. Please reach out to me if you need help.


  10. Thuan Soldier · July 26, 2012

    Hi Tarun,

    There is a well-known issue when using SQL Server 2014 with SharePoint 2013. To solve this problem, you must install the April 2014 CU. I would strongly recommend you to install September 2014 CU as it’s very stable.


  11. Thuan Soldier · July 26, 2012

    Moreover, the account running User Profile Synchronization service must be the farm account. Changing to another account is not supported.

  12. Jay · July 26, 2012

    Hi Thuan,
    I recently encountered “The LDAP server is unavailable” while trying to create a new synchronization connection. Both UserProfileService and UserProfileSynchronizationService already started. Replicating directory changes was also configured on AD. Do you have any idea wht this happened?


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  14. azhar ali buttar · July 26, 2012

    I followed under given URL which saved lot of my time. It is a very detailed article which also provided information about the user registration on Active Directory too. Hope this might help someone else to same few minutes.

  15. BOB · July 26, 2012

    Hello Thuan,

    there is any way I can do sync with Oracle Identity Manager ? if yes , do you have any step by step instruction other than oracle site for the same

  16. Ricky · July 26, 2012

    Hi Thuan,
    In my environment server was already configured. But when i try to start full sync, Profile Synchronization Status always Idle. Any idea what have is need to check?
    I already checked event viewer on Central Admin, there is no error for Synchronization.

    • nnthuan · July 26, 2012

      Hi Ricky,

      Can you open SharePoint log file by ULS Viewer and filter User Profile category to check?


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  18. Emmanuel issaly · July 26, 2012

    Hi thuan. Great post. I was wondering , does ad import sync pictures from ad? If not, can you import the picture (using Fim) only *once* so the user can update their pictures later?