It’s hard to imagine how SharePoint goes away

Is SharePoint going away? I do think this question must be title of this post (SharePoint is Going Away). Steve Gaitten, who is author of this post, should change his title like a question that needs to be considered currently. In the post, he gave his own statements regarding that SharePoint was going away after he had attended at Worldwide Partner Conference 2011.

As a SharePoint roamer on SharePoint maze, I would love to share my thought concerning SharePoint and Office 365 as well as Cloud computing that is coming up information & communication technology era.

Recapitulation on Steve’s post

Take a look at post ( He saw a few SharePoint exhibits at WPC 11 as well as knew the Microsoft SharePoint‘s earning revenue then he wrote that SharePoint was going away. Continuously, he mentioned in Office 365 that is cloud service of Microsoft and then introduced to Cloud Part for SharePoint, which supports Office online, finally.

If what he wrote is his thought

There are a few SharePoint exhibits at WPC does not mean SharePoint is going away.  Although I have never attended any Microsoft WPCs but I know that WPC is not for SharePoint only, it is for all of Microsoft partners there from Xbox, and Smartphone to big solutions, systems such as System Center, SQL Server, SharePoint.. Etc. You can also find the Microsoft‘s products here ( or Microsoft market place here ( If I was SharePoint partner, I would not exhibit my own SharePoint applications at WPC and I need exhibition at SharePoint Conference rather than WPC because I need a focus of interest in SharePoint Conference where SharePoint partners, Business User, SharePoint geeks assemble and then experience and discuss what their own SharePoint applications can do. Exhibiting is actually advertisement so you need to aim at right market place in order to reduce time and budget. Let me give you a simple comparison.

We have the same budget to make exhibition but at the WPC, we just advertise to 5,000 exposures because there are a lot of diversified Microsoft partners there. Consequently, you just have 40-50 percent for your goal. Also, the capability of advertisement at WPC is low and it’s difficult to aim to audience. Would you aim to Xbox, Mouse devices audience? Take a look at the SPC column in the table, you will have 7,000 exposures because SPC is focused by big SharePoint community now, thus the focusing rate is 95 even 100 percent. It’s easy to advertise your SharePoint applications as well as aim to SharePoint community easily. I can conclude that he gave careless thought regarding going away just because of a few SharePoint exhibits at WPC.

How about Office 365? He said that Microsoft’s Business Division was being going forward Office 365. I agree with him about this but it does not mean Microsoft mainly focuses on Office 365. As you know, SharePoint 2010 is used by a lot of businesses around the world. The 100 million users or 20.000 new SharePoint users in everyday for the past five years are impression numbers on me. Let’s check this post out and then you will be impressed with those numbers. One question for you now: Is Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Right for SMBs? This answer is here ( “Small and midsize businesses (SMBs) are downloading, trying, and adopting Microsoft’s SharePoint technology“. SharePoint 2010 is huge platform that is actually for Enterprise. So what collaboration solutions can I use for my own small business? It’s Office 365. Office 365 allows you to take your own collaboration environment on the cloud is to hide a truth that Microsoft want to be the king of collaboration solution in the world. You say Microsoft does not have competitor on the collaboration road now even that Oracle or IBM just has a lot of products with in the so-called “Collaboration Solution”.

Microsoft wants to conquer the collaboration solution from SMB to Enterprise areas and they are doing that. You know the importance of collaboration in Enterprise 2.0 nowadays, thus Microsoft just have a bit of worry if they let their competitors have playground for collaboration solution on small business boundary. Microsoft will spread out of collaboration solution, won’t it? I can conclude releasing Office 365 does not mean SharePoint is going way. This is a part of strategy that Microsoft wants to spread, as well as be king of collaboration solution. I give you the following:

Check this blog if you want to learn Office 365 via visual images.

There are a lot of factors proving that SharePoint is not going away. Remember that I’m giving my own opponent thought from his thought assumption. I do not have time to prove SharePoint is not going away now, because of a lot of factors.

If what he wrote isn’t his thought

Have you wondered why I put the sentence “if what he wrote is his thought” before? In case what he wrote isn’t his thought, for what? Take a look at how SharePoint folks commented about the post “SharePoint is going away“.

Thought provoking artice

Centainly thought provoking

There are more comments around SharePoint community, Facebook, Twitter, Google+

Is it provoking article? Okay !!! Don’t mind it now. Remember that Steve is Director of Online Operations at Bamboo. He is excellent to perform the art of  marketing as my thought. He excellently drove readers to Cloud Part for SharePoint by writing. That’s domino effect he used. He just made a small effect on social and then this affect would be spreaded all over out of us. That’s why I want to say what he wrote isn’t his thought.

My views

There are thousands of SharePoint technical, vendors, outsource companies are working with SharePoint platform to make the best applications. It’s hard to imagine SharePoint is going away now even this will happen in the future. When I compared SharePoint 2010 and MOSS 2007, I recognized a lot of changes on those. Service application, which kicked Shared Service Provider out of SharePoint now is an example. Please read my funny post  in order to see what Shared Service Provider had made SharePoint administrator dizzy before Microsoft released SharePoint 2010. Have you ever thought MOSS 2007 would enable you to implement Enterprise Content Management? We suddenly got new awesome capabilities and functions in SharePoint 2010, even we were flabbergasted when we were hearing that SharePoint 2010 was only run on 64-bit hardware & software. I did think SharePoint 2010 was in the Microsoft Office System Plan when they were releasing MOSS 2007.  I mean Microsoft premeditated to restrict MOSS 2007. Consequently, SharePoint 2010 is so larger than MOSS 2007. It could make us upgrade from MOSS 2007 in order to experience a bunch of features on unified and cost-effective infrastructure that we heard many times from Microsoft. Maybe we are wondering the last of the SharePoint version. Will there be a SharePoint 18, SharePoint 2012, SharePoint 2014? Personally, I thought SharePoint 2010 is the last of SharePoint version. Maybe Microsoft  will focus on System Center that provide you automation IT process for  your SharePoint system in one place. Have you seen Microsoft System Center Orchestrator 2012 that was just released? Or SharePoint administration perspective, you can’t use SharePoint backup even SQL Server to backup all component in your SharePoint infrastructure, but SCDPM 2010 can do that effectively.

SharePoint 2010 is a connective tool that Microsoft is employing to sell other products. At one time, I worked as a SharePoint infrastructure administrator at a export company in Vietnam and recognized that non-Microsoft mail system does not work SharePoint together effectively. In the company, we used MDaemon for SharePoint and then it was not stable. Or when it comes to security tool, what I encountered at that time is that Sysmantec conflicted with w3wp.exe. That’s why I thought SharePoint 2010 is a connective tool. I mean we will implement SharePoint effectively with Microsoft family. If you decide to use SharePoint 2010, you should consider other Microsoft products, such as Exchange Server, System Center, Forefront, Lync, Visual Studio or so on.

I’m not going to talk about what SharePoint 2010 is. I’m thinking of the SharePoing going away and how it goes. If SharePoint goes away, related Microsoft products will go away too.

Summing up

I do not have biased opinion for SharePoint though I’m SharePoint MVP. Even I will be willing to face SharePoint going away now. The one thing we must acknowledge that we are following Microsoft, thus we must face any disasters from Microsoft if any.

How does SharePoint go away? Could you answer this question? It’s so hard to imagine how SharePoint goes away. Don’t waste time to think about that because it’s not worth thinking. Let’s focus on your passion now.

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  1. July 29, 2011 — 3:40 pm

    Awesome post, well done.

    • July 29, 2011 — 4:29 pm

      Thank you ;-). Just share my thought on those of SharePoint going away.

  2. August 1, 2011 — 6:50 pm

    Thuan, this was the best response I read to my post last week. Really well thought out and well expressed. With people like you leading the SharePoint Community, I’m less worried than ever that SharePoint is going away.

    Thank you very much for your comments and insights.

    • August 1, 2011 — 7:08 pm

      SharePoint is like a monarchy that has a golden age as well as a decline of age. We need not to have much thought for SharePoint going away. Just do your passion now :).

  3. February 3, 2012 — 6:45 pm


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