What is happening out there now in the SharePoint stadium?

As you know that Microsoft SharePoint Team told about SharePoint Service pack 1 2 weeks ago. This made everyone, who have been working with SharePoint 2010 eager for experience. Like the king of all kinds of sport, SharePoint attracts a tremendous number of its fans around the world to the huge stadium where Microsoft would be likely to bring its excited followers many promising spectacular scores ever made in history. But what we are encountering are confusion, complication and absurdity. I’m talking about SharePoint 2010 Service Pack 1,  not any unfair soccer game or any biased referee on the playfield

Perhaps, everybody doesn’t want to see ambiguous stuffs like those at Calciopoli 2006, which created a stir among football folks. In the SharePoint 2010 world, have you seen vague stuffs from Service Pack 1 package yet? I don’t intend to compare Calciopoli with the SharePoint 2010, but I just want to make it funny in order to start taking everyone come to what is hot in SharePoint 2010 community.

Do you want to kick the June CU ball after kicking Service Pack 1 ball?

We are amazed at the Microsoft SharePoint Team’s recommendation. They said that we need to install June 2011 CU immediately after the installation of Service Pack 1.

It is strongly recommended to install the June 2011 Cumulative Update immediately after the installation of Service Pack 1. The June Cumulative Update includes several important security and bug fixes that are not included Service Pack 1.

Microsoft SharePoint Team ‘s recommendation

The size of Service pack 1 is 387 MB while June 2010 CU is around 985MB. Looking through on Facebook, Twitter, I saw many comments and complaints about that they were complaining at Service Pack 1 and June CU. They wonder why the June CU is much lager in size than that of SP1.

Another one said that he took an awfully long time to install June CU1 and then he failed with June 2010 CU. It looks as if he felt disappointed due to the boring football match, which he spent money  just to get failures.

We have been wondering why they made this recommendation. Let’s look at Microsoft’s explanation:

  • SharePoint 2010 SP1 contains all SharePoint updates published through the April 2011 Cumulative Update in addition to other fixes that were applied specifically to SP1 during its development. SP1 is a baseline, and that baseline is tied to our Service Pack Life Cycle Policy. We recommend applying SP1 to your SharePoint environment because it resets the baseline for your entire SharePoint environment, and prepares your environment for future releases such as the June CU.
  • The June Cumulative Update is the first Post-SP1 build released to customers. It contains new fixes to issues raised through various escalation channels and through our support organization. The June CU is based on Service Pack 1, but it adds new updates to some of (not all) the packages that SP1 installs.

Are you dizzy with their explanations? We have around 550 MB of the SharePoint Server 2010 installation source, and 385 MB of Service Pack 1 as well as over 950 MB of June CU 2011. Incredible !!! I must download over 1,2 GB for my SharePoint 2010  environment at this time. Maybe I need tranquillizer. Look at Harbar‘s complaint and warning.

In short, are we watching a boring football match?

What the fans as well as organization board talked about this football match

The SharePoint 2010 football match is different from the fan’s expectation and let’s view their comments as well as viewpoints of the committee.

Have interesting things in SharePoint 2010 SP1 in the great summer.

18:00 GMT +7 June 30, 2011


  1. July 1, 2011 — 4:05 am

    Thank you for mentioning my blog post 🙂 I am not a SharePoint MVP, so can you please change the text. Thanks 🙂 Honored that you think I am an MVP, but I am not.

    • July 1, 2011 — 4:16 am

      Special thank you Alpesh.

      What you have been devoting for communities is valuable. You are MVP for everyone in communities as I called.


  2. July 1, 2011 — 8:00 am

    Thanks for removing the ‘title’ …. And thank you for your kind words of appreciation …..

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