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A quick review of 2017

2017 to me was another year of personal and professional growth, and surely an exciting year. From exploring my personal preferences to acquiring new skills so stepping out of my comfort zone, this was another year of learning.


A little experience writing for Amazon KDP

Microsoft Azure IaaS Defense in Depth” is the very first book I wrote myself became commercial on Amazon Store. This book is published through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. I got a few requests from fellow MVPs in the community regarding my experience with Amazon KDP and why I didn’t go with a good publisher. In this article, I’d like to share a little experience during my time working on my book authoring.


Microsoft MVP for the 7th year

I’m humbly excited today to have received an email from Microsoft saying that my MVP award has been renewed. This is the consecutive 7th year since the first time I got the MVP award for Microsoft SharePoint. Now SharePoint is grouped into a new MVP category called Office Servers and Services which comprises of 5 Microsoft productivity products: Office 365, Exchange, SharePoint, Skype for Business and Yammer.


My own three letters to be successful in IT managed services

I got a question today morning asking me on how to measure success in IT managed services. Well I never thought of myself such a measurement. Perhaps the measurement would be keeping service level availability and agreement as good as possible. It also could be making your customer be happy. That sounds the ultimate objective of every business we do doesn’t that? I then sat down alone, grabbing a coffee and started musing around the measurement. I started working with IT managed services 6 years ago for a private cloud service provider. It’s been 6 years since then, and now I’m still participated in doing IT managed services. Although the scope is not full life-cycle of IT system, there are only three letters I can think of followed my past experience, working with USA customers and Government agencies.


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