Step-by-step offline SharePoint 2016 Installation

I’ve been involved in coaching a few SharePoint teams to install SharePoint for government agencies where offline installation is mandatory due to security policy. Previously I wrote an article covering comprehensive checklist for SharePoint 2016 offline installation but it didn’t cover step-by-step guidance.

I know there are tons of articles in the Internet which help beginners with step-by-step. This article is just another article I write to help my colleagues so every time they need I can share the article.


Before SharePoint installation, prepare two folders:

  • PreSP16: this folder is to store all pre-requisites files needed for SharePoint, including all components.
  • SP16: this folder is to store SharePoint Server 2016 installation source. If you download an ISO file, you need to extract it.

The account to log into every SharePoint server needs to be in the local Administrator group. All the servers must be joined to the Active Directory domain controller before the installation.

Install server features required for SharePoint

Step 1: Log into every SharePoint server and run the following command if using Windows Server 2016

If using Windows Server 2012 R2, use the below

D:\sources\sxs is the folder inside Windows Server 2012 R2 installation source. The mounted ISO must be the same with the one you used to install the operating system.

Step 2: After the feature installation is complete, restart every server with the command Restart-Computer -force

Install Prerequisites files for SharePoint

Step 1: Download the following files into the folder name PreSP16

You can download the whole package here.

Step 2: Run the following command on every SharePoint server.

C:\PreSP16 is the folder storing pre-requisite files.

D:\SP16\PrerequisiteInstaller.exe is the installer file inside SharePoint 2016 installation source.

The script does trigger the PrerequisiterInstaller and connect to the folder PreSP to automatically install all prerequisite files. You don’t need to have Internet connection. If your computer is connected to the Internet, you don’t have to necessarily run this command. The tool automatically connects to Microsoft Download Center to do the whole job.

Install SharePoint Server 2016 Binaries

Step 1: After all prerequisites are complete, open setup.exe file in SharePoint Server 2016 installation source.

Use one of the following trial keys, depending on the target version you need:

  • Enterprise trial product key: NQGJR-63HC8-XCRQH-MYVCH-3J3QR
  • Standard trial product key: RTNGH-MQRV6-M3BWQ-DB748-VH7DM

Step 2: Read all the Microsoft Software License Terms and check on I accept the terms of this agreement. Click Continue

Step 3: Choose the location where SharePoint 2016 binaries to be store. Click Install Now.

Step 4: After the installation is complete, uncheck Run the SharePoint Products Configuration Wizard now.

Step 5: Download SharePoint Server 2016 Service Pack 1 (November 2016 PU) here.

Step 6: Execute the Service Pack 1 file to install.

Do these steps for every SharePoint server.

SharePoint 2016 Farm Creation and Configuration

Step 1: Create a farm account in Active Directory, e.g. spfarm. Grant securityadmin and dbcreator permission on SQL Server.

Step 2: Run SharePoint 2016 Productions Configuration Wizard.

Step 3: On Welcome to SharePoint Products page, click Next. You are asked for three services to be started or reset during the configuration (Internet Information Services, SharePoint Administration Service, SharePoint Timer Service). Click Yes.

Step 4: On Connect to a server farm page, select Create a new server farm.

Step 5: Enter database server, database name. Under Specify Database Access Account, enter farm account (e.g, spfarm) and its password.

Step 6: On Specify Farm Security Settings page, enter passphrase. This password is used for any other server which will need to be joined to your SharePoint farm.

Step 7: Select Front-end with Distributed Cache (because we are installing SharePoint on a designated front-end machine)

Step 8: Specify port for the Central Administration website. It should be non-standard port (e.g. 12345, 8888, 9999. Choose NTLM as the default authentication.

Step 9: Review the configuration setting.

Step 10: Wait until the configuration is complete.

Join a new server to the existing SharePoint farm

Step 1: Log into the new SharePoint server to run SharePoint 2016 Productions Configuration Wizard

Step 2: On Welcome to SharePoint Products page, click Next. You are asked for three services to be started or reset during the configuration (Internet Information Services, SharePoint Administration Service, SharePoint Timer Service). Click Yes.

Step 3: On Connect to a server farm page, select Connect to an existing server farm.

Step 4: Enter the SQL Server instance and click Retrieve Database Name. The SharePoint configuration database will be automatically populated.

Step 5: Enter the passphrase you set previously.

Step 6: Select Application with Search role (because your intention is to use this server playing application with search role.

Step 7: Review the information again

Step 8: wait until the configuration is complete

Step 9: Log into Central Administration site. Navigate to System Settings > Manage servers in this farm.

You have successfully done setting up your SharePoint 2016 farm in offline mode with MinRole.

Send me an email anytime to if you are stuck at SharePoint installation.


  1. January 18, 2018 — 4:33 pm

    hi Thuan. i had some problems reproducing that with 2012 R2 (notably with the .NET 4 runtime)
    do you start with 2012 R2 RTM, or the 2014 refresh? no windows update at all?

    • Thuan Soldier
      January 18, 2018 — 4:36 pm

      Hi Emmanual,

      It is 2014 version I think so. It’s been a few months since the installation. What is the issue you have encountered?

      • January 22, 2018 — 9:57 pm

        Hi Thuan,

        The absence of a packaged refresh for 2014, mainly, so it’s time consuming.
        I know that the RTM + windows update breaks the install. The RTM + April 2014 patch, KB 2919355, needs the KB 2919442… etc, and you end up with 6-7 KBs and 3 reboots, i’m surprised you didn’t have that.

        it ends up working, but i remember it as very long and tedious, and i even sysprep’d the template afterwards to build the lab farm faster… which, afaik, is not supported (even if it works on my VMs)

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