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I was really delighted to be a speaker at the Global Azure Bootcamp Singapore 2016 held a couple of weeks ago. In this event, I talked about planning and deploying SharePoint farm in Microsoft Azure with the primary focus on Microsoft Azure IaaS v2.

If you are a seasoned SharePoint architect having done many SharePoint farm deployments, you have probably been facing with number of different challenges. One of them is planning for hardware. You would have to not only plan for hardware specification but may also for manufacturing company e.g. Cisco device network, Hitachi storage or so on. Starting from the scratch is always challenging and time-consuming. As Microsoft Azure IaaS comes out, you have so many options to build and deploy your SharePoint farm. In the event, I brought to attendees 5 common deployment scenarios.

  • Development and test/POC environment
  • Disaster Recovery of on-premises SharePoint farm
  • Internet-facing website built on top of SharePoint
  • App farm (such as Azure Media Services) to support on-premises environment or Office 365
  • SharePoint Intranet hosted in Azure

Start with planning SharePoint farm in Azure, I shared common key areas:

  • Farm Topology
  • Identity Management
  • Business Continuity
  • Performance & Capacity
  • Pricing

In each area, there are number of tasks to do. For example, with farm topology you need to come up with your designated topology, ask yourself the physical architecture you are going to build, do sizing to make sure the farm is not going to frustrate your end user in terms of performance. Once you have the design, look at Azure IaaS offering and map to your design. In my topic I did not introduce classic deployment model and some components such as Cloud Service and Affinity Group which have been deprecated. The new Azure IaaS v2 with the release of Azure Resource Manager helps pretty much.

You can find my slide-deck here

All videos and slide-decks shall be published soon in Microsoft Channel 9


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